Culinary Experience

The menus at ANZA Restaurant showcase a blend of regionally inspired contemporary Greek and Mediterranean dishes with an emphasis on simplicity and flavor, a pursuit supported by the passion of the team, nurtured by our relationships with regional farmers, purveyors and winemakers and inspired by the vision of our chefs.

Thessaloniki is considered as the culinary capital of Greece thanks to its traditional cuisine that combines Eastern and Western elements and has strong influences from the Turkish cuisine due to the refugees that came from Minor Asia in the city in 1922 bringing their secrets of a delicious gastronomy. Thessaloniki was the first place in Greece that brought the traditional taverns with the various mezedes where people can eat many different dishes and feel like being in a gastronomic paradise.

Here at ANZA Restaurant, we will prove that Thessaloniki IS the culinary capital of Greece and not by mistake…

Kali Oreksi!!