Coffee in Thessaloniki – The Magic Behind Coffee at Anza

Welcome to Anza Kitchen & Bar, a cozy spot in Thessaloniki that loves great coffee. We want to share how we create each cup with care and make sure it’s the best. Come with us behind the scenes to learn our secrets.

Getting the Best Beans for Coffee in Thessaloniki

We believe that awesome coffee starts with awesome beans. We serve Lavazza Gold Selection and for those who know coffee, this should mean a lot!Our goal is to give you flavors from around the world that you’ll love.

Grinding Just Right

Making a perfect cup of coffee depends on how we grind the beans. We use modern grinders to get the right texture for each type of coffee. Whether it’s a strong espresso or a slow pour-over, we make sure the grind fits the beans and makes the taste great.

coffee in thessaloniki

Life begins after coffee.

Coffee in Thessaloniki at its Finest!

coffee in thessaloniki

Different Ways to Brew

At Anza, we have many ways to make coffee, like espresso or French press. Each way needs its own skills, and our baristas know many different techniques  to  make sure every cup is amazing.

Good Water is Key

It’s not only about the beans; the water being used is  important too. We use filtered water to remove anything that could change the taste. This helps the natural flavors of the beans come out.

Making Coffee Look Nice

At Anza, we believe that a great cup of coffee is a multisensory experience. So, we think that a great cup of coffee should look nice too. Our coffee experts take care to make your cup looks good, from creating cool patterns on lattes to making sure the top of an espresso looks just right.

Yummy Snacks with Coffee in Thessaloniki

Coffee is even better when you have something tasty to compliment its flavor. Our kitchen team creates yummy pastries and snacks that go perfectly with our coffee. It’s like a party of flavors in every bite and sip!


Anza Kitchen & Bar is not just a place for coffee – it’s a place for people who love great coffee. We want to make sure each cup is a special experience, from choosing the best beans to making it look nice. Join us at Anza for a coffee adventure that’s all about making each cup the best it can be! 

You can pop-in all day from early morning till late evening and get a taste of our amazing coffee! Don’t forget, that you can also have the best coffee included in our brunch in Thessaloniki

coffee in thessaloniki
coffee in thessaloniki